Walker Research is a technology that is unique to the Galactic Empire, and can be researched at the Mech Factory in Tech Level 4. It costs 150 Ore and 350 Nova, and reduces the minimum range of Assault Mechs. In addition, they gain an anti-air attack.

The reduced range makes it harder for close-combat units, like the Mounted Trooper and Jedi/Sith Apprentice, to get close enough to safely attack the Assault Mech. The anti-air attack is also a very nice addition to its arsenal.

"At Tech Level 4, the Galactic Empire may research this technology, which reduces the minimum range of its AT-AT Assault Mechs, effectively granting them even greater potential for destruction."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

  • Originally, this technology did not give Assault Mechs an anti-air attack. This was added in the expansion.
  • The cost was increased from 100 ore, 250 nova to 150 ore, 350 nova.