Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Trade Federation is a civilization with strong Mechs and Ships, and do not need to build Prefab Shelters to sustain their population. In Tech Level 4, Fusion Extractor will give them the fastest ore collectors in the game, allowing them to build lots of defenses.

On the other hand, they cannot train Medics, and their units will have to be manually repaired or garrisoned to get them back to full health. This is a disadvantage compared to other civilizations like the Gungans, who can just leave wounded units near a Medic to have them healed. Also, compared to most civilizations, and especially to the Confederacy whose troopers are also mechanical, they lack Bacta Tanks; this makes repairing Trade Federation units an even harder task.

They don't have access to Sith Masters, and cannot heal their Sith Knights except by garrisoning. Their aircraft are also at a disadvantage.

The player controls the Trade Federation in the OOM-9 campaign.

"A conglomerate of interstellar traders and merchants, the secretive Trade Federation became wealthy enough to build its own powerful military consisting almost entirely of robotic fighting units. The greedy Neimoidian leaders of the Trade Federation - Nute Gunray and Rune Haako - decided to deploy this mechanised arsenal on the wealthy planet Naboo. The Trade Federation's droid armies have no use for Shelters like the other civilisations do, allowing the Trade Federation to quickly mobilise its military. On the other hand, the Trade Federation's worker droids are somewhat less efficient at gathering carbon than the workers of the other civilisations."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

  • Team bonuses and Fortress bonuses did not exist before the expansion.
  • Originally, the Trade Federation did not have the aircraft weakness.

AI player names Edit

  • Nute Gunray: Viceroy of the Trade Federation
  • Rune Haako: Gunray's Chief Lieutenant
  • Daultay Dofine
  • Gode Takrab
  • Hath Monchar
  • Nap Lagard
  • Tey How
  • Smeer Ze-Trios
  • OOM-9
  • OOM-14
  • TC-14
  • EEK-176
  • LUH-989
  • MUQ-751
  • Z23-Y75
  • KLO-657
  • MUQ-751
  • DRN-592
  • DNM-908
  • HHJ-370