Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Royal Naboo is a civilization with strong Jedi and Aircraft. The Advanced Engines technology will give them faster aircraft, while Taxation will make all their military units cheaper. The Battle Armor technology improves the hit points of their Fortress units, giving them better Bounty Hunters and Cannons than their opponents.

The Royal Naboo is the only civilization that does not have a campaign.

"The Royal Naboo have a long history and a rich culture. Though inclined towards peace, the Royal Naboo nonetheless have highly advanced military technology and no short supply of willing, loyal soldiers with which to employ it. Furthermore, the lavish architecture of the Royal Naboo is made possible by its highly efficient workers, who can also mine invaluable nova crystals at a significantly faster rate than the workers of other civilisations."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

Orginally, the Royal Naboo had Shielding, a unique technology that gave the Royal Crusader a shield. This technology was removed in the expansion; instead, Royal Crusaders automatically get shielding when they are upgraded to Elite Royal Crusaders.

AI player names Edit

  • Queen Amidala
  • King Veruna
  • Ric Olié
  • Graf Zapalo
  • Sio Bibble
  • Eirtaé
  • Rabé
  • Sabé
  • Saché
  • Yané
  • Captain Kael
  • Captain Panaka
  • Lieutenant Deviss
  • Lieutenant Illon
  • Lieutenant Sykes
  • Essara Till
  • Nym
  • Rhys Dallows
  • Vana Sage