Presidium is a technology that can be researched at the Fortress in Tech Level 4. It costs 250 Food, 400 Carbon, and 400 Nova, and gives Fortresses +1000 Hit Points.

This technology should, as a rule, be researched before Durasteel Reinforced Support Beams and Permacite Plating. Both those technologies give buildings a percentage Hit Points boost, which will also work on the extra Hit Points granted by Presidium. If Presidium is researched first, Fortresses will have 7,260 Hit Points; if it's researched last, Fortresses will have 7,050 Hit Points.

The picture shows the throne room of the Naboo palace, surrounded by a "glowing" yellow ring.

"This technology reinforces all of your Fortresses, making them much tougher."
—Manual description

Strategy Edit

This upgrade can be very worthwhile when planning to build even just two Fortresses around the map, but even with just one, it could be useful to strengthen if it for example serves as center for producing Cannons or Air Cruisers in good quantities.

In Terminate the Commander games, this upgrade is essential since the Fortress will be most likely the "palace" of the Commander. In any case, this upgrade would turn the strong defense capabilities of this strongest building even stronger and it would take a much longer time to destroy it and kill him, thus losing the game.