Neimoidian Endorsement is a technology that is unique to the Trade Federation, and can be researched at the Spaceport in Tech Level 2. It costs 75 Food and 30 Nova, and reduces the cost of all buildings by 5%. It is a requirement for Market Insider Trading.

This technology can save the player a lot of resources, and the earlier it's researched, the more they'll save.

"This Tech Level 3 Spaceport technology lends the Trade Federation the endorsement of its Neimoidian sponsors, thus allowing buildings to be constructed at a reduced cost."
—Manual description

Notes Edit

While the manual states that it's a Tech Level 3 technology, it has always been available in Tech Level 2.

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

Originally, this techology cost 175 Food and 50 Nova. The price was reduced in the expansion.

Trivia Edit

The technology icon appears to be a representation of Viceroy Nute Gunray, as he appears in The Phantom Menace.