Kaminoan Cloners is a technology that is unique to the Republic, and can be researched at the War Center in Tech Level 4. It costs 300 Food and 200 Nova, and lets Laser Troopers (the Trooper Recruit and its upgrades) be created +50% faster.

This lets the Republic create Laser Troopers much quicker than any other civilization. Their lack of unique Trooper-improving technologies (like Droid Upgrades, Self Regeneration and Tougher Armor) means that they'll lose in one-on-one fights, but they can now overwhelm their enemy.

"The Republic has developed this Tech Level 4 technology to improve Trooper production, allowing Laser Troopers to be generated 50 percent faster than before. Available at the War Centre, this technology also makes the Troopers themselves more efficient by improving their rate of fire."
—Manual description


  • The technology icon depicts a Kaminoan.