Forest Vision is a technology that is unique to the Wookiees, and can be researched at the Hvy Weapons Factory in Tech Level 4. It costs 410 Food and 200 Nova, and gives Hvy Weapons Factory units +1 range and Line of Sight. Note that the range bonus does not apply to Pummels and Hvy Pummels.

This technology is essentially a cheaper, weaker version of Hvy Weapons Engineers, in that it doesn't increase damage against buildings. The extra range is useful, but can wait until other, more important technologies have been researched.

"Wookiees may develop this technology, which gives all Heavy Weapons units a bonus to their line of sight, and a bonus to their range. Note that the Pummel's range will not be affected."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

Originally, this technology gave +2 range and Line of Sight. This bonus was reduced in the expansion.