FarSeeIn Binoculars is a unique technology of the Gungans, available at the Troop Center in Tech Level 4. It costs 300 food, and gives all Troop Center units +2 Line of Sight. In addition, all Troop Center units, except the Mounted Trooper and its upgrades, get +2 range. It is an improved version of Integrated Rangefinder that is available to the other civilizations, but doesn't require Portable Scanners to be researched first.

This technology has the same effect as Portable Scanners, but is as expensive as Portable Scanners and MacroBinoculars combined. If the player can afford it, it's a great way of giving their Troopers some extra range, but the other technologies and the Repeater Trooper upgrade should be prioritized over this.

"Though they cannot research the Integrated Rangefinder technology, Gungan Troopers gain an equivalent bonus to their range and line of sight from this Tech Level 4 upgrade."
—Manual description

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