The Assault Mech is a unit created from the Mech Factory, available in Tech Level 4. They are heavy and slow units, with lots of armor and health, and are very expensive. They are best used for situations where buff, tanky units are needed as opposed to cheap, mediocre ones, such as the Trooper. Assault Mechs can garrison ten units inside them.

The Assault Mech can be upgraded to the Hvy Assault Mech.

"Perhaps the most powerful product of the Mech Factory, the Assault Mech can deliver a powerful, explosive attack that severely damages everything in its wide blast radius - especially Ships. In addition, Assault Mechs may be used to transport smaller forces, such as Troopers, within their thickly armoured confines. Note that Assault Mechs cannot attack effectively at close range and cannot attack air units."
—Manual description

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Trivia Edit

  • The Imperial Assault Mech is the tallest Assault Mech in SWGB, which reflects their immense height in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Moreover, it is a roughly accurate depiction of their actual size when compared to a humanoid unit in the game.

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

  • The manual states that Assault Mechs "cannot attack air units." This is no longer true for all civilizations, as the Galactic Empire can research a unique technology, Walker Research, that allows Assault Mechs to attack air units.

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