Anti-Air Retrofit is a technology in Clone Campaigns that can be researched at the Hvy Weapons Factory in Tech Level 4. It costs 400 Carbon and 150 Ore, and gives Anti-Air Mobiles and Anti-Air Destroyers +4 Line of Sight and range. It also gives them +10 damage against Air Cruisers. It is available to the Confederacy, Galactic Empire, Gungans, and Trade Federation.

Like Homing Sensors, this is a vital upgrade if the enemy employs a lot of aircraft.

"Civilisations that do not specialise in powerful air forces have developed this technology to help them defend against air attacks. This Tech Level 4 technology gives additional range and line of sight to Anti-Air Mobiles and Destroyers, as well as increasing their attack against Air Cruisers."
—Manual description