The Air Cruiser is an air unit introduced in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns, and is available at the Fortress in Tech Level 4. It is a very powerful unit, boasting an incredible 80 attack, with a large area-of-effect. It also has its own shields. However, it is very slow and expensive, and must be protected from anti-air units in order to survive.

It takes up two population slots, making it the only unit in the game that doesn't cost one population.

"In Tech Level 4, each civilisation gains access to its own Air Cruiser, which is similar to an Assault Mech in its destructive potential. Air Cruiser weapons have tremendous range and are extremely powerful both against structures and against massed groups of ground units, which will suffer grievous injury from the blast. However, Air Cruisers fire slowly, move slowly, are expensive, and are vulnerable to fast air-to-air attacks or to anti-air attacks from the ground. They must be carefully guarded. They can effectively clear the path for your other air units, particularly because they can destroy any Anti-Air Turrets from out of the Anti-Air Turrets' range."
—Manual description

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