Advanced Redesign is a technology that can be researched at the Mech Factory in Tech Level 4. It costs 750 Food and 450 Nova, and gives all Mech Factory units +50 Hit Points. It is available to the Galactic Empire, Royal Naboo, and Trade Federation.

Note that this technology gives units +50 Hit Points, not +50%. It should always be researched before Technicians, since the +25% Hit Points bonus will also apply to the extra Hit Points granted by Advanced Redesign.

"This Tech Level 4 technology bestows a hit point bonus to all Mech Factory units, and also enhances Mech Destroyers to be even more effective against Assault Mechs."
—Manual description

Clone Campaigns changes Edit

Originally, Advanced Redesign also gave the player's Mech Destroyers extra damage against Assault Mechs. This bonus was removed in the expansion.